Fund Raising


“Cash is king”, is a prevalent saying. A lot of Corporates bleed, in lieu of lack of funds. Corporates are unable to expand their business operations or lack working capital for growth or are overburdened with huge debt on balance sheets or seek an investor, who can provide funds to stay invested in their business for adding long term growth and value. The common factor hindering their growth is funds availability and stressed assets.


Solidus Capital offers a holistic solution to your financial requirements to grow business. Solidus Capital can arrange short-term funds for using as seed capital or bridge loan at a very attractive rate.

Our sound financial expertise, experience and network of financial institutions – both domestic & international, Private Equity Investors and State-owned banks give us the flexibility to tailor the right solution to help you meet business objectives. Solidus Capital advises on the following:

  • Capital raising in the form of Private Equity, Sale of Shares, Angel Funding, Mezzanine Financing, Venture Capital, Project Finance, Promoters Funding
  • Debt syndication in the form of loans from Banks & Financial Institutions, Structured Finance, Bonds, Foreign Currency Equitable Bonds
  • Expertise in all domestic and international credit facilities – Structured Finance including Promoters Funding – Loan against Property (LAP), Loan against Shares/Securities and all other financial products and solutions
  • Expertise in structuring and achieving financial closures and Takeovers
We treat capital with an owner’s mindset and follow a phased investment approach, which involves:
  • Pro-active deal sourcing
  • Deal evaluation
  • Due diligence
  • Investment commitment
  • Investment structuring
  • Investment monitoring via active management
  • Value addition
  • Exit strategies
Virtual CFO Services

Chief Financial Officer’s (CFO’s) work is highly critical to expansion and success of a company. Thus he/ she are one of most important KMPs (Key Managerial Personnel) of the organization. Yet, small and mid-size businesses end up retaining a CFO with insufficient skills, largely due to the budget available for this position. Virtual CFO gives you the advantage of having an experienced CFO at a great cost with varied, enriched experience and quality output. This desk helps in:

  • Fund Raising
  • Critical financial management
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Cash-flow forecasting
  • Financial Transaction Support – Budgeting, Forecasting, Business Plans, Sensitivity Analysis, IFRS Transition
  • Audits
  • Board Reports – financial performance, cash flow, budgeting and strategic planning
  • Annual Risk Review, Annual Report Drafting, Strategy Session Building, Business Plan, Budget Allocation & Structure Review, Employee Remuneration Review
  • Treasury & Management Accounting
  • Drafting and Management of Business Plans (MBP)
  • Wealth management
  • Financial forecast and CMA data for submission to banks/financial institutions
  • Strategic planning for business/financial transactions, strategic alliances and joint ventures
  • For assisting in financial bidding process
  • Price fixation and costing
  • Monthly Management Report
  • Quarterly Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Annual Financial Report
  • Financial performance analysis – We will recommend and help you implement improvements to drive your business in the right direction to meet your goals
  • Financial Record Management
  • Risk Review
  • Transaction Support – Budgeting & Forecasting, Business Plans
  • Investors Relations – Stakeholders Deck, CFO Deck, CEO Deck, Board Deck and respective functions
  • Pricing Strategy to maximizing revenue potential
  • Analysis through financial reports and interpretation of these
  • Oversight of the business finance function
  • Offers insights into business operations which allow well informed decisions to be made
  • Behaves with a broader view of the client’s ethical and social responsibilities
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Valuation of Shares/Debentures, Business/Undertaking, Stock Options, Goodwill, Intangibles, ESOPs for Business Transactions, Strategic Alliances, Organizational Restructuring, Investments including Inbound & Outbound, Buying OR Selling shares, ESOPs on fair value rather than the historical value as provided by financial statements.
  • Succession Planning
  • Assisting in financial bidding process
  • Pre-audit assistance
  • Thematic & Systematic Audits
  • Customized & tailored assignment

Corporate Advisory Services

Business Development

Many large and great business houses also sometimes fail to understand the scope & growth horizon prevalent in the industry.

Risk Management

Business is an on-going process, facing different types of risks i.e. internal or external and specific to your objectives.

Restructuring & Reorganization

In the fast growing corporate scenario & day-to-day legal reforms, a corporate needs to adapt itself to desired changes.

The Right Asanas For Obtaining Government Approvals

The biggest challenge faced by corporates in taking Govt. approvals is that laws & regulations differ from state to state.

Peace Of Mind For Legal & Secretarial Compliance

Non-compliance of laws & regulations is a fact in India, emanating enterprise risks & threatening the position of companies.

Balancing Board & Stakeholder Affairs

The frequency of corporate frauds & governance failures of companies requires improved corporate governance practices.

Joint Ventures & Alliances

India being a tough capital market and a growing economy, it is difficult to understand the varied laws & regulations.

Technical Collaboration

No company is self-sufficient in itself. This results in interdependence of companies on each other to meet the requirements.

Entry Solutions

Solidus Capital helps in establishing Foreign and MNC companies in India through “Make in India” concept.

Pre Entry Strategy

Solidus Capital provides expertise in the analysis of the country in which entry strategy is aimed at.

Post Entry Services

Being able to bridge cultural gaps is of utmost importance when expanding into any new market.